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“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” – Rosalia de Castro

Memories over minutes, Cappadocia UltraTrail 36K

“Don’t fight the trail, take what it gives you”

Caballo Blanco


30K start line… Wet, cold but excited 🙂

6 hours; no music, no TV, no phone, no mails, no fbook/ig/twitter, no phone calls…

6 hours; first 1.5 hours full of rain, muddy trails, rocks, hills, valleys, bridges, wooden ladder, battered tree…

6 hours; 12 people, having long conversations, taking several photos, sharing memories, laughing together, feeling hungry&thirsty, getting tired, soaking and feeling cold, getting lost, motivating each other, healing one another…


Hill alarm! Walking mode on!

Counting and collecting memories rather than looking at the time… (despite trying to catch the cutoff limits for the food/water stations)

Rather than competing, supporting each other…

Following others, counting the “heads”, trying not to leave one behind…

Reminding each other to drink water and sharing their own snacks…

Patiently waiting for the girls to finish their “photo session”… 🙂

Crossing the finish line hand-in-hand….


Run – take photo – run 🙂

What did I learn from this race:

  • Trail running is though! Uffff! Requires deep concentration and strong mental will power.
  • Km’s pass by easily when you are surrounded by group of friends
  • Your legs will eventually give up, it is more important to train your mind! Determination is the key!
  • Don’t be afraid of slowing down, walking, or even stopping fully during the “run”… Ultra Trail is supposed to be not like a road run! Walk the hills, run moderately on flat surfaces! Beware of the slippery paths!
  • Watch out for the signs! Even if you are together with group of runners, make sure you also look out for the signs.
  • Fuel and hydrate properly! (dried figs&date&almonds are my favourite)
  • Carry anti-inflammatory gel or run with sby who carries one 😉


Most importantly; believe in yourself! and cherish every km…

In summary;

Distance: 36.7K (says Garmin)

Time: 6:01:10 (says Garmin)

Elevation gain: 897

Max elevation: 1.475


We were more than 15 people who started the run together with the goal of “enjoying the path and completing it in a healthy state”, regardless of the time.

10 of us had a similar pace, therefore we tried to stick to each other. This is a summary of what was going in my mind during the course:

Start: Oh! I am cold! Its raining so bad! We haven’t started yet but I am already soaked! 36K to go in this mood?!?!?

2K: We are all insane! What is wrong with me and all this ppl around! What are we all doing in this rainy&cold Saturday morning!

5K: Wow look at those “fairy chimneys” and beautiful valleys! Lets take a photo!

10.5K: Oh! The first check-point! I need to use the bathroom! Hmm these cakes are yummy! Oh salty crackers! Just what I need! The rain is over, so I can take off my raincoat.

12K: I see a hill, lets walk people!

16K: Yeeyy! Some down hill!

19K: Whats that group of ppl standing there?  Hmmm is sby injured?

Oh no, thats the line for using the “rope” in order to descent the slippery uphill. (It took us 22 min to descent!)


Welcome to the “adventure island” 🙂

21K: Will we reach the next station within the cutoff time limit? We lost so much time, lets do some tempo 🙂

24K: Next check-point! Change of t-shirt! More cake & crackers & protein shot & water!

26K: Upps, whats wrong with my knee, hmmm this pain doesn’t feel right.. maybe need to slow down. Lets take the downhills carefully. (similar problem happening to Gökhan – so we slow down and leave the group)

30K: Walk – run – walk – walk – run …. Less than 1 hour left for the 6h cutoff limit. Can we make it? Yes, if we stick with this pace my calculation says “we can!”.

36K: My Garmin beeps. Yeyy 36K finished! But I still don’t see the finish line! =)

36.7K: FINISH! Where is my medal? 🙂


36K Finisher!

What do I do now? Stretch, eat, shower, look at my phone, take photos, post photos to social media, call my parents,

I would like to thank all members of AnkaraKosuyor and KosuKadini for sharing this sweet Cappadocia memory with me; Anıl, Armağan, Gül, Ayla, Betül, Tolga (and his wife and children), Kubilay, Mete, İlyas, Sercan, Cantekin, Çağlar…


Cappadocia; see you next year!


8 comments on “Memories over minutes, Cappadocia UltraTrail 36K

  1. ankarakosuyor
    October 28, 2015

    Such an increadible experience! It’s you that you that make it stunning! You’ll do better bext year. Congrats Sev!

    • Sevgi Ceyda
      October 28, 2015

      We’ll be stronger next year and we’ll all do better 🙂 Congrats to all of us 🙂

  2. ezgisairoglu
    October 28, 2015

    “We are all insane! What is wrong with me and all this ppl around! What are we all doing in this rainy&cold Saturday morning!” –My fav quote!!! Bravo Sevgy, je te félicite trés forte pour ta succé dans ton magnifique performance a Capadocce, j’attends tes bonne nouvelles attentivement. Bisous, ta paresseuse soeur qui préfére de rest chez elle au lieu de faire du sport comme toi. xx

    • Sevgi Ceyda
      October 28, 2015

      Merci beaucoup ma petit paresseuse soeur! Je suis fier de ton paresse. Quand je courir sous la pluie , je pense toujours à toi! Tu m’inspires! Bisous!

  3. landisemre
    November 3, 2015

    français trotter!

    Félicitations encore une fois, comme votre soeur paresseux, je vais préférer reste à son lieu de faire du sport .

    vous êtes frères très français…


    • Sevgi Ceyda
      November 3, 2015

      Oui, bie sur, je te connais tres bien, l’homme de fer!
      Je voudrais un macaron et pain au chocolat avec cafe au lait, svp!


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  5. kosukadini
    November 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on Koşu Kadını and commented:
    Yakın zamanda, “Biraz da İngilizce yazsanız!” diyenler oldu. Sevgi de tam o sırada Kapadokya macerasını İngilizce yazmışken, bunu paylaşmamak olmaz.

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