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“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” – Rosalia de Castro

Eskisehir, Turkey

“One finds limits by pushing them”Herbert Simon

1 June 2014

This was a date I was looking forward to. Not just because of the 10K Eskişehir run, but also because I was happy to make weekend plans to a nearby city, visit Eskisehir, have the change to re-run with my friends from Bodrum Global Run. 🙂 I would say “Koşu bahane, gezmek&arkadaşlık şahane!” in Turkish which would be translated as “Running is just an excuse, friendship and sightseeing is the reason”.


View from Porsuk River

  The run was on Sunday – 10.00am. I arrived to Eskisehir by train on Saturday afternoon. The journey takes only 1.5 hours from Ankara. Easy, simple!

First, I went directly to the Science, Culture and Art Park to pick up my race kit and have some pasta 😉 Although the pasta party was a bit disappointing for me (compared to Runtalya Marathon pasta party especially). There were just a few people and most of them were part of the organizing team.


Anyways, no problem… I left the park and went to the city center. Now I had to find my hostel, leave my stuff, explore the city and then finally meet my two foreign friends, Maelle and Marvin who were traveling fro Istanbul. It was getting late when my friends arrived to Eskisehir. But we were all pretty hungry, so we decided to enter the first “tantuni shop” we saw 🙂 yummy…

Then, we all went back to the hostel, prepared our race clothes, chips, bags etc… Time to relax and sleep…

Sunday morning – time for some action

The run was scheduled to start at 10.00am which meant there was good amount of time in the morning to get ready. I had a light breakfast (banana, some nuts, almonds and water!) and then walked towards the start line (20-30min of walking from our hostel).

When I reached the start line, the area was already full of people with green New Balance Eskisehir T-shirts 🙂 The music was loud, people were stretching, taking photos, jumping, running….. 🙂 so, me and my friends decided to join them by taking couple of selfies, and then doing dynamic stretching.


Me and Maelle before the race


Me, Marvin and Maelle

10.00am – Time to Run!

Time to enjoy this beautiful day by running 10K. Before I started the race, I actually didn’t have any specific target regarding time. I wanted to finish 10K in less than 1 hour, yes that was one thing. But other than that I didn’t have any particular time goal in mind. I was having hard time following a regular running training calendar in Ankara lately because I was still settling in (to my new house, job, city etc). So I was there to enjoy this run with all this other people who were eager to run, full of energy…

I actually though that I didn’t start very fast. However my application (Nikerunning) said my pace was  5’25”/km for the first km. Upps was I going fast? Would I be able to complete 10K like this? I didn’t think that deep about the numbers. I was feeling good. My legs were doing fine. I was enjoying this moment. So, let it go… =)  First 3K were fine. Listening to my music, observing other runners, trying to see if there are any familiar faces. Then we had a moderate hill, time to climb and push push push… Then, we entered the park… Hence, change of scenery.. 🙂


Heading towards the 5K turn… passing through the Park

Still feeling goooood 🙂 Then, time to turn.  5K done. Okay now we had to follow the same route. This was getting a bit boring. Just when I was feeling like this, I saw Maelle. We cheered for each other and continued running. Then a water station, oaky feeling much better. Now I need a good music to keep me motivated. Final 2-3K I realized that maybe I was about to beat my personal best for 10K. Wow really? Thats some serious motivation!

Run Sevgi Run….. and yes, I made it! Finish! Official time: 0:52:58!  Wow here comes a new PB! 

1K – 5’25”, 2K – 5’26”, 3K – 5’21”, 4K – 5’21”, 5K – 5’20”, 6K – 5’27”, 7K – 5’18”, 8K – 5’26”, 9K – 5’11”, 10K – 4’53”

Overall I came 14th among all women (187 in total). 🙂

What next? Breakfast of course, as usual… The photo does a better job than me in explaining the charm of this full Turkish Breakfast.. Enjoy 😉


How many different varieties can you count?


Can we please eat??? 😉


Summary of Eskisehir Run…

Now I know my limits… I can (or I should) set a better target for my next 10K run. Can I do it in less than 50minutes??? We have to wait and see…. or “train” more and see…


2 comments on “Eskisehir, Turkey

  1. kosukadini
    September 18, 2014

    This is a lovely post. It seems that you enjoyed your Eskişehir visit. That breakfast is a dream! And I am sure that you can run less than 50minutes!

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