sevgi ceyda

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” – Rosalia de Castro

Bodrum, Turkey

What a great weekend I had in Bodrum. It was like a gift package offered to me including the sea, a boat tour, making new friends, seeing my parents and sister, good food (ice-cream, Turkish breakfast, pasta!), and “some” running 😉 and actually something even better; running together with a friend of mine whom I met in Brest, France back in 2007!

I am so glad that I joined the Bodrum Global Run! Hope they repeat this race every year!


Bodrum Castle at sunset

Just like I mentioned, there were several things that made this race wonderful;

1. Spending the weekend in Bodrum (perhaps it would be god to mention that I moved to Ankara and this was my first weekend trip out of Ankara). For someone traveling from Ankara, Bodrum=sea! And for me, this means a lot!


          Bodrum Global Run boat tour

2. Seeing my parents! This was definitely unexpected! I was supposed to travel alone, meet couple of friends in Bodrum, finish my run and then travel back to Ankara. Things didn’t go as planned, lucky me! Just when I was about to complete 3K, I saw three familiar faces shouting “Sevgi, Sevgi”. Surprise! It was my parents and sister who have traveled from Izmir in order to cheer for me 🙂 This was my first race in which someone within the crowd was actually cheering for me. Knowing that your family is there to support you and that they are waiting for you in the finish line, is something indescribable! This was the greatest surprise my family has ever done to me and for sure the most unexpected one! And it doesn’t finish there – they also had paperboards which were truly inspirational and motivational!



3. Running, running and running! And something even better – running with friends! I was running together with friends from Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey! That felt great 🙂 Bodrum Global Run was 15K in total. The racetrack was going along the city center.  We ran the same track 3 times to complete the race. I found this part a little bit boring. But its okay, it was still doable since it was my first time running in Bodrum. What I found challenging was the course elevations. There was a steep hill right at the beginning, first 1K! Horrible! And climbing that hill for three times! That was painful! I was very exhausted! I completed the race in 1:28:35. So far, my personal best for 15K. Also, later on I found out that I came 9th in my age category (Women 18-30yrs.)!


Race track in Bodrum

1374822_1484529021762697_7672160880726143748_n IMG_3603










So, what happens after the race? Eating! Lots of eating! 



Bodrum Hatırası 😉



2 comments on “Bodrum, Turkey

  1. ezgisairoglu
    September 26, 2015

    İts very nice to have a supportive sister. Very jelous of you!!

    • Sevgi Ceyda
      September 26, 2015

      Yes definitely! Wish everyone have a suppotive sis! =P

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