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“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” – Rosalia de Castro

Ngoma Eastern Province, Rwanda

Rwanda: The Land of a Thousand Hills and more…


Next destination, Rwanda! A sovereign state in central and east Africa  which is bordered by UgandaTanzaniaBurundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

My Rwanda experience started with a 2 day trip to Ngoma District, Eastern Province of Rwanda. Approximately 2 hours drive away from Kigali. It was an amazing, breath taking journey! Beautiful landscape! This country is so photogenic! I wish I was better in taking photos!

Local Market in Eastern Province

Local Market in Eastern Province

Rwanda for me is not only “The land of a thousand hills” but also a “Land of a thousand COLORS & SMILES” !

I am especially fascinated by African women! Their clothes and the way they carry their burden and their babies. No matter what it is that they carry, even if it is their bag, they carry it on their head. I saw some women carrying huge baskets full of bananas or ones carrying water jerrycans. I have a lot to learn from these women!

And Rwandese kids! So friendly and cute… First they throw me this weird look “uh, who is this, why is she different than me, hmm why is she smiling at me now?”. But then they come next to me to say “Good Morning!” or “Bonjour” 🙂

Rwandese women "carrying on the head"

Rwandese women “carrying on the head”

You Rwandese kids make me smile!

You Rwandese kids make me smile!

In Ngoma district I was quite busy with my research interviews. I visited the Aspek School and met students and teachers.  After a long and tiring day, what one needs is some delicious local food! Chicken, roasted potatoes and plantain! No matter how dirty you get while struggling to eat this food, all is worth it! Very tasty!


Chicken, Plantains and Roasted Potatoes!


Sweet banana, plums, passion fruit…

The cuisine of Rwanda is based on local staple foods such as bananas, plantains, sweet potatoes, beans and cassava. It was my first time tasting plantain and sweet bananas! But since this country is a “banana heaven”, it seems like I will be having lots of bananas for the next 8 days! 


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