sevgi ceyda

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” – Rosalia de Castro

Gweru, Zimbabwe

 “Tot Facienda Parum Factum”

 “so much to do, so little done”

Second stop in Zimbabwe –> Gweru. 5th largest city of Zimbabwe, home to Midlands State University (MSU) and Antelope Park. These two were the main highlights of my Gweru experience.

I spent two consecutive days in MSU, conducted  interviews with some delegates and met many bright, inspirational Zimbabwean university students.

Interviews with the delegates in MSU

Interviews with the delegates in MSU

The second day, for lunch, we had a surprise from the MSU students. A African Barbeque! Braai! Boys were gathered round the braaistand (the grill)  and they were cooking the meat, while girls were preparing the salads and serving the sadza.


    Special “Braai” by MSU students


        Enjoying the food in ZIM

Sunday morning, before leaving Gweru, we found out about “Zimbabwe’s Best Safari park” which was located in Gweru!

Definitely a must see! So, we went there and had a Walk with the Lions! =) Crazy and unique experience for me! To be honest, yes at first it was scary. 2 huge lions approaching to me, while I am just standing here, waiting them to come near me. However, after learning how lazy they were during the day (20 hours of sleep per day!) and the fact that they were fed the day before (they were being fed in every 4 days with a cow!), I was relieved. No way that they would consider eating me =P

Here is my evidence for the ones who still don’t believe my Lion Walk…


IMG_0588After the lion walk, it was time for our team to leave Gweru and return back to Harare. More to see, more to do in Harare.


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